[font_full1 title="Your Best Customers" link="" button="" icon="bullseye" color="light" size="medium" background="off" spin="off"]We'll find the people close to your location who are most likely to buy what you offer. Then we'll deliver great ad content that inspires them to learn more![/font_full1]
[font_full1 title="Beyond Traditional Media" link="" button="" icon="bullhorn" color="light" size="medium" background="off" spin="off"]Radio, television, print and billboards have reach, but how many people who see the ads have an interest in your products or services? And if you've used them you know the frustration of vague results.[/font_full1]
[font_full1 title="With Deals That Work" link="" button="" icon="lightbulb-o" color="light" size="medium" background="off" spin="off"]You don't have to get hammered by Deal of the Day sites to drive business. Create promotions that make sense, we'll market them for a set price, and you keep all the proceeds![/font_full1]
[font_full1 title="And Results You Can Measure" link="" button="" icon="usd" color="light" size="medium" background="off" spin="off"]You'll only pay for site visits, not ad views, impressions at the bottom of the screen, or big promises. Unlike with ads in traditional media, you'll be able to measure your results![/font_full1]

Trendant can help your business grow in dozens of ways. You just do what you love while we get the word out. Here are a handful of the things worth promoting:

[one_half] [list_font icon="star-o" list_item_1="Grand Openings" list_item_2="Special Events" list_item_3="Sales" list_item_4="Daily Specials" list_item_5="Slow Period Specials"][/one_half] [one_half_last][list_font icon="star-o" list_item_1="New Locations" list_item_2="Deals of the Day" list_item_3="New Products/Services" list_item_4="Anything Else That's Noteworthy" list_item_5="Whatever Helps You Grow"] [/one_half_last]

Trendant works  with small businesses in dozens of industries. Here are some examples:

[one_half] [list_font icon="star-o" list_item_1="Restaurants" list_item_2="Medical/Dental" list_item_3="Clothing and Accessories" list_item_4="Auto Sales/Maintenance" list_item_5="Real Estate"] [/one_half] [one_half_last][list_font icon="star-o" list_item_1="Coffee Shops" list_item_2="Accounting/Bookkeeping" list_item_3="Legal" list_item_4="Home Maintenance" list_item_5="Nearly Anything Else"] [/one_half_last]


Run ads to mobile devices within driving distance of your restaurant that click to today's specials. You can also run ads with a clickable phone number for reservations on days that you have empty tables.

Opening a new practice? Get the word out with ads in your area. Or if you have an existing practice, run ads for next day appointments when you know they're available.

Have an amazing property to share? Don't just bury it in real estate websites. Give it the attention it deserves with ads to people in the right demographic.