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[font_full1 title="Premium Support" link="#" button="" icon="life-ring" color="dark" size="small" background="off" spin="off"]Have a question? No problem! As a member you'll get support from the theme developers. Who better to help?[/font_full1]
[font_full1 title="Powerful Options" link="#" button="" icon="cogs" color="dark" size="small" background="off" spin="off"]Minamaze comes with a powerful options panel, now you can make hundreds of changes in seconds. It couldn't be easier![/font_full1]
[font_full1 title="Page Builder" link="#" button="" icon="wrench" color="dark" size="small" background="off" spin="off"]Create stunning pages without touching code using our awesome page builder. Just drag, drop and you're done![/font_full1]
[font_full1 title="1 Click Demo Installation" link="#" button="" icon="refresh" color="dark" size="small" background="off" spin="off"]Minamaze includes a 1 click demo installer. Use this to create a site just like this demo at the push of a button![/font_full1]

Minamaze comes with tons of awesome features! Including a powerful theme options panel, 100+ shortcodes and also an easy to use page builder. Make stunning websites easier and faster than ever before, all without touching a single line of code!

[one_half] [list_font icon="star-o" list_item_1="Page Builder" list_item_2="Powerful Theme Options Panel" list_item_3="100+ Shortcodes" list_item_4="2 Header Styles" list_item_5="Animation Effects"] [/one_half] [one_half_last] [list_font icon="star-o" list_item_1="Responsive Layout" list_item_2="HD Retina Ready" list_item_3="Unlimited Colors" list_item_4="Easy To Customize" list_item_5="1 Click Demo Installation"] [/one_half_last]

We're always here to help. So if you ever have a question, just get in touch and we'll be on hand to assist. As a member you'll get support direct from the theme developers!

Create stunning sites without touching a single line of code. Change everything from the color scheme to the site layout with just a few clicks. Never code again with Minamaze!

Developed by the awesome Think Up Themes team, you can always be sure that Minamaze has been developed to the highest standards.
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