• Empty Chairs in Your Montessori School?

With Smaller Class Sizes, Every Seat Counts

This is How We'll Help You Fill Them

The Right Parents

Every day, hundreds of parents look online in your area for a better solution for their children's education.

The Right Message

We'll help those parents understand why your school is a great option, and inspire them to learn more.

The Right Time

It doesn't matter that school has started; THIS is the time when many parents are considering making a change.

When Parents are Looking, We Can Help Them Find You

"Trendant did exactly what they said they would: they boosted our enrollment, and it was well worth the investment!" 

-Carrol Bybee, Director, Montessori Discovery Academy, Bountiful, Utah

How it Works

You'll Provide:

  • Your Website Address
  • Basic Information About Your Enrollment Goals
  • Guidelines on Your Ideal Parents and Students

We'll Deliver:

  • Stellar Ad Copy and Design
  • A Bold and Dynamic Website Landing Page
  • Precision Web Campaigns That Focus on Your Needs

This is a Great Example!


1. An Actual Ad that...

2. Takes Parents to this Page

3. And Makes This Boss

Carrol Bybee

4. This Happy

At Montessori Discovery Academy, we were looking for a company that actually would do what they said they would do. Trendant worked hard to do exactly that: they boosted our enrollment, making it well worth our investment!

They brought thousands of eyes in our area to view our school's website. Many called and asked for more information about our school. Several commented that the reason they chose our school was because they liked our website and were impressed by our wonderful school. One mother, after seeing the site Trendant built, actually said,  "I think my little girl will be loved and well cared for there."         

Trendant's customer service was immediate to any communication we had and they were very congenial, respectful and easy to work with. I recommend their services completely, and without exception or hesitation.             


Carrol Bybee
Montessori Discovery Academy
Bountiful, Utah


This is Cost Effective!


$16.80 Return in Tuition for Every Dollar Spent

That has been the historical average of private schools marketing with Trendant.

As you will certainly understand, we cannot guarantee a specific number of enrollments. Based on your chosen sign-up tier, we do guarantee the number of click-throughs to the website from your ads. Actual enrollments, however, are affected by many variables outside our control, for example:

  • The Size of Your Community
  • The Number of Competitors Nearby
  • Your Enrollment Selectivity

Regardless, we are committed to seeing your school succeed and our goal is for your results to meet or exceed our historical averages. Therefore, we are prepared to work with you to help maximize your return on your advertising investment.


How Many More Students to Meet Your Enrollment Goals?


Trendant for Montessori Schools

Whatever your enrollment goals, we can create a marketing plan that works.

We know that the Montessori Method works, and we're always excited to help good Montessori schools flourish by bringing in parents who are looking for more than large classes and one-size-fits-all teaching methods can offer.

Please give us a call and let us know how we can help you.



Whether You're For-Profit or Non-Profit, Advertising Counts

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