• Looking for More Customers?

This is How We'll Bring More Business to You

The Right People

We'll reach the kinds of people online in your area who are most likely to want what you offer. This makes what we do far more cost-effective than traditional advertising.

The Right Message

It's great to get your name out, bet it's even better to get people excited about being a part of what you do. That's why we focus on getting potential customers to become actual customers.

The Right Time

Our campaigns are designed to get consumers to take action. This means reaching them when they're most likely to do so, and when you need the extra business most.

It's a Process We've Refined Over a Decade

And that makes it easy for you: We'll reach the right people with the right message at the right time, and you'll know it, with results you can measure.

Even better, we offer three different services to fit your needs and goals.

More Through Your Door

Do you need a lot of customers quickly? This is your solution. Perfect for:

  • Grand Openings
  • Sales
  • Special Events
  • Any Time You Need to Grow Fast

We'll create a massive campaign targeted directly at the people you want to reach most.

Learn How Trendant Can Bring More Through Your Door

The CMO Survey Reports that Businesses with Less than 25 Million in Annual Revenues Spent 11.1% of Gross Sales on Advertising in 2015

Your Deal, Your Way

If you've tried deal-of-the-day sites, you know the pain of being busy without making a profit. If you haven't tried them, this is a common scenario: you mark whatever you are offering down by 50%, and you split the remainder with the "deal" broker.

Here's the antidote: we'll help you come up with promotions that make sense, we'll market them for a set price, and you'll keep all the proceeds!

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Entrepreneur Magazine Recommends that Small Businesses Less Than Five Years Old Spend Between 12 and 20% of Annual Revenue on Advertising

Hours and Days

When could you use more customers? Do you have slow days or slow periods during the day? We can help with campaigns that run when you need more business most. For example:

  • Campaigns that invite calls to reserve tables only on a restaurant’s slower days.

  • Campaigns run on mobile devices during a coffee shop’s afternoon lull that offer $1 off any espresso drink.

  • Campaigns for medical or dental offices letting people know when there are appointments available the next day.

Learn How Trendant Can Help Bring Customers When You Need Them Most